Oh, Wait!  It's ME that's been missing in action.  No excuses.  Other than laziness I guess.  There was all the Christmas-ey stuff going on, and birthdays, and blah blah blah.....I'm lazy. 

I guess what I'm saying is that this blog is new.  I know I don't really have a ton of people reading every day. (Actually, one, I think.)  So I don't feel a "push" to post every day.  It's kind of a Catch-22 really.  If I don't post, no one will want to read, and if no one is reading, why post? 

I get it.  I will "try" to be more faithful and post more often.  I have actually been doing some organizing around my house.  Yet another thing I'm not finished with. (With which I'm not finished?  Grammar...meh!)

I've been spending WAY too much time on Pinterest (again!) And probably too much time playing Farmville.  (There! I said it! I'm addicted!) But all that stuff is so cool!!!  And I want to do it ALL!  When I get rich (Shut up!  It's going to happen someday!!)  I'm going to hire someone just to do all that cool stuff FOR me.  I might even help!  It's just way more fun to do that kind of thing WITH someone else.  

But in the meantime, I'll just keep Pinning and dreaming.  And I know you were right in the middle of pinning something WONderful, when I so rudely interrupted.....so I'll let you get back to it!

Happy Sunday!